Hajóbérlés kapitánnyal


Imagine that for a week the sea is at your arm’s length. All this far from hotel noise and the bustle of beaches, on a boat with your family or friends.

Most people think of yachts as “luxury” and “unaffordable” items, but with us the latter is a matter of past… In high season, the cost of a one-week cruise on the Adriatic can be competitive with an average Croatian holiday apartment, even if you hire a skipper because of the lack of a boat driving license or just for your convenience and care-free recreation.

Who are the skippers and how do you spend a week sailing with a captain:
Skipper, in the ordinary sense of the word, means a paid shipmaster who provides captain’s services on rented ships. The essence of captain’s service is that the skipper is navigating on the route previously agreed on with the customer, and the latter enjoys the crew services and the safe cruise.

What are the costs of a charter with captain’s services?

In addition to the boat rental fee you have to calculate with the skippers’ daily fee, which averages between €90 and €150 per day in Europe, but the price of the same service in the Caribbean can even reach €240 per day.

In Croatia, the standard fee of a Croatian skipper is €1050/week + food supply. The Hungarian skippers are only slightly cheaper, they can be hired for as low as €600-700/week.

If I hire a skipper, shall I pay any deposit fee?
If you rent a boat, you must always pay the deposit or you may substitute this, irrespective of hiring a skipper or not, by effecting an insurance policy on the spot. This obligation is valid even if the captain’s service is provided by an employee of the company operating the boat. The reason for this is that damage to the boat can be caused not only by the captain’s fault, since a toilet clogged by WC paper or a cracked special waterproof cushion cover may cause hundreds of euro losses to the ship’s owner.