hajóbérlés azori szigetekThe discovery of the Azores is officially tied to the Portuguese captain Goncalo Velho, and the islands already appear on the maps drawn by (or at the order of) the Medicis as an archipelago in the ocean linked to the Portuguese coasts. Thanks to its infrastructure, this archipelago is a popular destination for ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and also is an ideal resting-place for those sailing nearby.

Horta is the most popular port of the Azores. It was inaugurated in 1986 and now can host more than 300 ships. It is not just a tourist resort, but a frequent stop-point for participants in sailing matches (regattas)

Pick-up and return of chartered ships on the Azores:
On the Azores , just like in other parts of Europe, chartered boats can be picked-up and must be returned, respectively, every Saturday. The season lasts from April to October, but the climate allows sailing throughout the entire year. The islands are close to each other; and one-way tours are also popular among yachtsmen.

azori szigetek hajóbérlés

Ports in the Azores offering boat rental services:
Sao Miguel – (Ponta Delgada), Faial- (Horta), Terceira (Angra do Heroismo)

Unfortunately, there are a few charter yachts available on the Azores , and renting motor yachts or catamarans was even impossible until 2017.