Boat rental in Montenegro

Hajóbérlés MontenegróMontenegro is the southernmost yacht charter paradise of the Adriatic. Due to favorable local climatic conditions, boat rentals in Montenegro already start in March and the number of people interested in chartered yacht booking is relatively high even in November. Due to the unique natural features and higher sea temperature, renting a boat in Kotor Bay is one of the most popular choices among yachtsmen. Compared to the rest of Europe, the number of charter boats in Montenegro is relatively low, the infrastructure is such that mainly attracts tourists interested in luxury services, but this rarely means higher than usual prices.

Pick-up and return of chartered boats in Montenegro

The pick-up and return of chartered ships in Montenegro is, as usual, on Saturdays. The boat rental season itself is a couple of weeks longer than in Croatia, so 10-day yacht charters are offered by more and more ship owners at some extra cost. 90% of charterers arrive in Montenegro by plane, therefore, airport transfer (shuttle service) is available from any airport, and in order to maintain the quality of their services boat rental agencies are trying to adapt rental boat pick-up and return times to airplane arrivals. The number of rentable catamarans in Montenegro is low , so for those interested in renting a catamaran, it is advisable to book the preferred boat at least half a year before the scheduled departure. Of course, most people are interested in renting traditional sailboats , but the number of chartered luxury yachts in Montenegro has significantly increased in recent years.

Montenegró HajóbérlésPorts in Montenegro offering boat rental services:
As the Adriatic fleets are expanding, the number of chartered boats in Montenegro is increasing as well. Kotor, Tivat, Bar and Budva are the most well-known charter ports that continuously improve the quality of their services and welcome more and more tourists every year.