Boat rental in Italy — Sicily and Sardinia

hajóbérlés olaszországFor many people, pizza and spaghetti first come to mind when they see the Italian flag, but for those who like sailing yacht charter or catamaran charter in Italy are similarly popular ways of relaxation than listening to the ripple of Trevi Fountain in the heart of Rome is for other tourists. The boat rental season starts early March and in the southern ports of Naples, Sardinia andSicily you can find chartered sailboats or motor yachts even in December. The Italians are famous not only for their car factories but also for their shipyards, producing premium quality exclusive yachts, for example at the Azimut and Feretti plants.

Pick-up and return of chartered ships in Italy:
Pick-up and return of chartered ships in Italy is, like in other European sailing paradises, scheduled for every Saturday. It is possible to pick-up and return, respectively, the rented boat on a different day than Saturday in the early season until the end of May, or in the off-season from the beginning of October, but 10-day yacht charters and catamaran charters in Italy including Sicily and Sardinia are also available even in the summer period.

Rentable boats in Italy
Italy offers the highest number of charter boats in Europe after Croatia and Greece. Most charter catamarans , especially the Lagoon and Fountai Pajot models can be rented in Sicily , but there are plenty of boats in Tuscany and Naples as well. The Italians are quite strict in requiring boat driver’s license, so it is worth checking before you book whether your boat driver’s license is valid for the ship you want to rent.

olaszország hajóbérlésPossible ports of departure in Italy:
• Trieste, Trapani, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Campania, Sicily and Sardinia

Usually, boat charter or catamaran charter in Sicily are the first choices of sailing enthusiasts living in or traveling to Italy. Everyone who likes bustling little towns, the southern Italian elevated moods and sandy beaches usually starts to discover the fabulous Italian seaside during a Sicilian sail trip. The second most beloved destination is the island of Sardinia. Renting a boat or renting a catamaran in Sardinia is done most frequently in the northern ports, but you can find many charter yachts in the southern regions, e.g. Cagliari or Carloforte as well.